Security Systems

Security Systems

Security Systems:
Maximum Security, Optimum Protection

Protect your business and values from all types of risks with our advanced security systems.

Fire Alarm

Ensure the safety of life and property by installing an advanced warning system to minimize the risk of fire.

Public Address and Voice Evacuation System

Mandatory public address systems for effective communication and emergency management.

CCTV (Security Camera)

Ensure the safety of your business by implementing uninterrupted 24/7 surveillance to maintain security.

Access Control

Enhance workplace security with access control and authorisation to prevent unauthorised entry.

Fence / Borderline security

Ensure maximum security for your premises with our border security solutions. Protect your space with the help of our advanced security measures.

Fire Alarm System

This covers the automatic and coordinated operation of fire detectors, fire alarm buttons and fire control panels connected to these products sensitive to smoke or flames in buildings against possible fire hazards inside residences, factories, educational institutions, medical centres, etc. buildings. When the system is operational, fire sirens connected to the system sound and visual alarms and communicate with environmental systems depending on the building fire scenario via interface modules or integration software.

The aim is to detect a fire throughout the facility at its initial stage and ensure that the necessary precautions are taken.

Our state-of-the-art fire alarm systems provide early detection of danger and rapid response in emergency situations. Thanks to its advanced integration functions, it is compatible with building systems and offers simple operation and regular maintenance.

Early detection of danger

Fast and accurate fire detection.

Integrated safety solutions

Compatible with emergency systems.

User Friendly Management

Simple operation, efficient intervention.

Public Address and Voice Evacuation System

Public Address and Voice Evacuation System are used for music broadcasting in buildings and for informing and evacuating people in emergency situations. 

Whereas the purpose of music broadcasting is to create a pleasant atmosphere in places where people are present, the purpose of emergency notification is to ensure the safe evacuation of people from the premises. 

The systems installed can work integrated with systems such as fire detection and alarm systems, flight information systems used at airports, and automatic announcements and information messages can be pre-programmed and transmitted to the system. 

As well as meeting all international safety standards in the systems we install, we also offer our customers the benefits of a wide range of products, from a simple analogue system to multi-functional digital systems.

Emergency Management

Inform and direct all persons in the enterprise with clear and timely emergency announcements.

Integrated System Solutions

Full integration with fire detection and flight information systems.

Multifunctional Technology

Flexible solutions with a wide range of products from analogue to digital.

CCTV (Security Camera)

CCTV (closed circuit camera system), which is the most widely used system today as part of security measures in many areas, is a system that only records to a specific device and does not utilise an open network that can be accessed by others. 

The system consists of at least one camera that transmits data to a monitor and/or a video recorder. The data transmitted can be video and audio or just a video file.

Our CCTV systems are designed to meet today’s security requirements. The system provides clear surveillance with our high resolution and night vision cameras and sends instant alerts with advanced motion detection technology. The system is easy to manage with user-friendly interfaces and remote access features via mobile devices. The system is suitable for both commercial and residential applications and we offer professional support every step of the way.

Monitoring with high-resolution cameras.
Capture every detail with high-resolution cameras for clear images.
Night vision and motion detection.

Secure your property around the clock (7/24) with night vision and motion detection.

Remote access and easy management.

The system offers easy management and access from anywhere via mobile devices.

Access Control

You need to provide maximum protection against unauthorised entry to your business premises to facilitate the movement of staff and visitors within the building.

Access control systems are crucial during emergencies, as lives and businesses depend on their reliable functioning.

We offer you the most suitable access control authorisation, management and reporting solutions for your desired access control needs.

Our access control systems enhance the security and efficiency of your facilities by offering advanced biometric and card access options. The system also allows you to create detailed access policies for different user groups with customisable access rights.

Authorisation Control

Controls who gets access and when.

Emergency Preparedness

Enables safe and quick evacuation in emergency situations.

Customisable solutions

Access control solutions specific to your business.

Fence / Borderline security

The system is installed by integrating with other electronic security systems along a line surrounding the edge zone (e.g. garden, wall, fence) of the protected areas. In this way, in the event of a possible threat, a point or zone alarm is generated, integration with surrounding systems according to pre-defined scenarios is instantaneous, and data is archived.

Our perimeter security systems are equipped with high-tech sensors and cameras, ensuring effective security throughout the protected area. With our solutions such as border security, pipeline protection and data line protection, we offer security measures suitable for all types of structures and facilities. These systems work integrated with other security systems to ensure a quick and effective response to threats. The system also keeps records of incidents, allowing in-depth analyses of security breaches and the development of future strategies.

Depending on the physical condition of the buildings, the most appropriate solution from the following options is utilised.

Fence / Border Security System

We use advanced technology to accurately and quickly detect security breaches at borders spanning several kilometers.

Pipeline Protection

Detect excavation and vehicle movement over the pipeline before the pipe is damaged.

Data Line Protection
Fast and easy detection of unauthorized or unplanned threats using laser fiber optic detection technologies.

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