Add-on systems

Add-on systems

Add-on systems:
Complete with complete solutions

Make your work and living spaces more functional and comfortable with our complementary systems.


Advanced intercom solutions for effective communication and security.

Master Clock

Uninterrupted harmony with synchronised time display in all rooms.

Central Television

There are enhanced opportunities to entertain and inform due to the wide broadcast audience.


These are visual and audio communication systems. Besides security, the system provides comfort to the living space. It is often used in smart homes.

Our video and audio intercom systems are designed keeping in mind the modern requirements of security and comfort. These systems, while enhancing security, also provide ease of communication through user-friendly interfaces. Intercom systems, an integral part of smart building technology, are ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. Used for a variety of purposes such as visitor flow control, door control and emergency communications. High-quality image and audio transmission features provide an effective communication solution for all types of locations.

Emergency Communications

Enables effective coordination and intervention in emergency situations by providing fast and reliable communication.

High quality Image and Audio Rransmission.

Provides the user with superior communication quality with crisp images and crystal clear audio.

Easy-to-use interface

Interfaces are designed for ease of use, providing seamless and convenient communication for all users.

Master Clock

Master Clock systems are an advanced technology consisting of a master clock, several secondary clocks connected to this main clock, and radio frequency modules used to ensure time synchronisation between these clocks.

This system ensures that all clocks in the facilities where it is installed work in perfect harmony with each other and with high accuracy, ensures time consistency across different rooms and spaces.

Central clock systems are particularly preferred in locations where time is critical in various institutions and organisations such as hospitals, schools, universities and large business centres that require precision. Radio frequency modules provide time synchronisation without the use of cabling, creating a system that is extremely easy to install and maintain. In addition, these systems offer energy efficiency, providing cost savings in the long term and contributing to the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

Main Clock and Auxiliary Clock.

Main and auxiliary clock systems that ensure time synchronisation throughout the facility.

High Accuracy

All clocks display the same time to within fractions of a second.

Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Wireless connectivity allows for quick installation and easy maintenance.

Central Television

The purpose of a central television system is to transmit terrestrial, satellite, analogue and digital broadcasts received through a central antenna system to all viewing points to defined standards in premises where there are multiple television viewing points. This is a building infrastructure system that prevents visual pollution caused by aerials in public residential premises as the number of users and number of channels increases.

The system is now widely used in places where there are multiple TV viewing points, such as housing estates, hospitals and hotels.

The Central Television systems to get a high quality image from all viewing points, requires a healthy and uninterrupted network, use of the right materials and the right solutions. If this is ensured, a high quality television infrastructure will be provided for the user’s enjoyment.
High Video Quality

Provides a continuous and clear representation of the broadcast at every viewing point.

Prevents Visual Pollution

The central system reduces visual pollution caused by multiple antennas.

Flexible and Expandable Structure.
Adapts easily to the growing needs of users and channels.

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