Professional Sound Systems

Professional Sound Systems

Audio & Visual Systems:
Create an impressive experience

We offer great audio and video solutions for any event.

Professional Sound

Enhance your events with professional audio and video systems.

Professional Imaging

Transform your spaces into vibrant and captivating visual experiences with stunning and dynamic presentations.

Conference and Simultaneous
Interpretation Systems

We supply high quality systems for impressive congresses and conferences.

Stage Illumination and Lighting Systems

We turn your events into unforgettable visual feasts.

Professional Sound

Our professional sound systems are carefully designed and installed to broadcast both recorded and live sounds clearly, powerfully and intelligibly.
These systems are formed using customised engineering solutions according to the acoustic structure, infrastructure and intended use of the space. Different technical equipment, such as speakers, amplifiers, digital sound processors, mixing consoles, microphones, and headphones, work seamlessly together to ensure impressive sound quality.
Customizable Solutions

Audio and video systems are specifically designed for all types of events and locations.

The Latest Technological Equipment

Superior sound and image quality via state-of-the-art equipment.

The Wide Range of Products

Professional systems that bring your events to life, from concerts to conferences.

Professional Video Systems

Our company offers a range of indoor and outdoor professional video systems and products. This area, which is transforming from analogue systems to IP-based digital systems with the continuous development of technology, old model lamp projectors and small screen plasma HDTVs are now being replaced by laser projectors with high brightness values and 4K resolution with 20,000 hours of service life, 4K LCD displays from 32 to 110 inches, video walls and LED displays with a pixel spacing of less than 1 mm. The demands for more interactive use of meeting rooms and the growing need for touch screens for video conferencing, especially during pandemic times, are increasing interest in professional imaging systems.

Like Beacontact, we strive to offer the most appropriate solutions for your needs and conference room sizes.

Creating innovative systems, including LCD video walls, with our projection and professional display solutions from Japanese technology brand Sharp/NEC. In particular, our 55-inch LCD video wall displays continue to be the ideal choice for operating theatres and control rooms due to their thin 0.9mm bezels at the screen connection points.
Visual Impact
Maximise visual impact and attract attention in large areas.
Flexible Visuals
Customisable displays of desired size and shape.
Centralised Control

Efficient control of multiple screens from a single centre.

Conference and Simultaneous
Interpretation Systems

Today, at a time when communication is becoming increasingly important, meetings, discussions and conferences, which are at the centre of information exchange, are among the indispensable elements of our lives. The conferencing and simultaneous interpretation systems that enable these events to be managed efficiently are key to ensuring free and regular communication.
Our conference call and simultaneous interpretation systems are designed to ensure seamless and quality communication at your events. Offering multilingual support, our interpretation systems meet the needs of all types of meetings and conferences with our state-of-the-art equipment for efficient and clear voice transmission as well as rich visual content. With advanced recording and live streaming capabilities, we can make your events accessible to a wider audience and create interactive engagement with attendees. Offer seamless and unforgettable communication with our conferencing and simultaneous interpretation systems for all your events, no matter how large or small.
High Quality Audio and Image Transmission
High-definition audio and video solutions that will convey your events clearly and vividly.
Multilingual Translation Systems
Instant multilingual translation services for barrier-free communication, addressing all participants from all over the world.
Effective Audio Management and Visual Presentations

Meetings enriched with impressive audio and visual presentation techniques that capture the attention of participants.

Stage Illumination and Lighting Systems.

Along with technological developments in world in the field of stage lighting and lighting systems our stage equipment has also evolved. Traditional Arc, Fleme and Reflector lighting has been replaced by more efficient and environmentally friendly LED technology. As Beacontact, we provide our customers with a high level of service and benefits by partnering with leading brands such as Robe Lighting, ETC Lighting, Highend Lighting. We offer comprehensive training and information on the optimal use of these devices to everyone from those who are familiar with these technologies to customers who are being introduced to this technology for the first time.
By selecting the most appropriate professional lighting products, we offer the best solution for our customers’ needs and budget.
Dynamic Lighting Effects
We offer customised and dynamic lighting effects to bring your events to life.
Energy-Efficient Solutions
Reduce costs with high-performance and energy-efficient lighting fixtures.
Easy Monitoring and Control
Easily control your lighting system with our advanced control systems.

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